Company : Staar surgical-Switzerland
Product : Implantable Contact Lens
Area : South India
Profile : Visian ICLs are for correcting refractive errors thru surgically implanting a lens on the anterior surface of the eye

Company : Geuder AG-Germany
Product : Phaco &Vitreo Retinal Equipments & consumables
Profile : Equipments & accessories used for performing cataract & Vitreo retinal surgeries in the eye

Company :Med Logics – USA
Area :South of India
Products :ML7 microkeratome, CLB- calibrated lasik blades
Nitro – desak
Catapulse – removal of cataract without phaco power
Service: We can service other brands of microkeratome like moria, hansatome
Profile: A R&D company based at

Area : TN & Kerala
Products : Miniwell
Profile: Sifi is a leading iol manufacturer based at italy. This company in india is taken over by zydus and distributed in tn & kerala by spica